Juta Nett Wrap 3600M

JUTA has long term experience with the production and sale of netwrap products. The development of netting is focused on strength, elongation and coverage of bales. Our product – JUTA ROUND BALE NETWRAP – helps you to bail straw and hay more efficiently and economically. The use of netting dramatically improves productivity because it enables bale-wrapping times to be reduced by more than 50%. Baler Wrap Netting also helps you to make better, well-shaped bales which are easier to move and store.



  • JUTA Round Bale Netwrap has been tested on all common types of round baling machines used worldwide.
  • Optimal performance – Bales are symmetrically fully covered from one edge to another.
  • Applicable for baling silage, hay, straw or dried fodder.
  • Last 50m of net on the roll are marked by red stripe informing the operator about necessity to prepare a new roll.
  • High UV protection guarantees longer lifetime and reliability of the net in the field.
  • Coloured edges inform the operator about the left and right side of the roll, making the correct loading easier.
  • Tested on all common types of baling machines used worldwide.
  • Continuous quality control during production process in accordance with ISO certification.
  • Identification of each roll by unique bar code enables to trace the roll back to the original production.


JUTA NETWRAP is manufactured on the world renowned Karl Meyer knitting machines from HDPE (High Density Polyethelene) . JUTA applies and further develops effective quality, safety and environmental management systems complying with the requirements of  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 system procedures.