Tractor Ted Farm Animal Crayons


Tractor Ted chunky stacking crayons with farm animal faces in six bright colours.  Perfectly sized for little hands, these cone shaped crayons are easy to grab and will even fit on the end of a finger.  Then when all the colouring fun is done there is the game of stacking them into a tower of animal faces – a great game and very tidy.

Each pack contains six bright colours:

Red Hen, Blue Dog, Yellow Cow, Green Cat, Pink Pig, Purple Sheep

Long-lasting with plenty of crayon to use, these are made with a new type of material which doesn’t shed little bits of wax and gives a smooth flow for drawing. Plus they are unlikely to snap being broad and chunky.  Once the drawing is done its time to play make-believe with the farmyard characters or even draw using their faces, beaks and ears!

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