Tubtrug Scoopour Feed Scoop


This innovative and durable Scoopour from Tubtrug is perfect for scooping virtually anything you want!

The handle is on top rather than at the end of the scoop and it has a square mouth, which makes the scooping and mixing process much easier and means you can get right to the bottom of your feed bins and bags.

Popular amongst gardeners, schools, caterers, pet owners and livestock keepers, the Tuntrug Scoopour comes range of bright colours meaning you can have a different colour for each pen, stable, animal or whatever you choose.

Easy to clean, strong yet lightweight. Dimensions: Length: 22cm / 8.5″  Width: 14.5cm / 5.7″



  • One piece moulded construction
  • Highly versatile
  • Food safe
  • Get right to the bottom of your feed bins
  • Easy to clean, strong yet lightweight

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